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Keshe Foundation / MaGrav
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Plasma Power Generator (the Off-Grid Generator) - Available Soon - Factories coming online as we are writing this

2 404,00 $
Price: $2306 for the Plasma Power Generator
Shipping: $98 (from Italy) for most addresses within the USA
Amount for shipping to other countries will be different.
Plus tax if applicable. Tax not included in price.

*Actual products may differ in appearance to images shown

July 9th, 2017
News about the release of the PPU (Plasma Power Unit) and PPG (Plasma Power Generator) in the United States and other western countries: the wait will not be long. As you all know by now the PPU is CE Certified (this is Europe's equivalent to the USA's Underwriter's Laboratory). We have a new manufacturing partner and we are expecting huge manufacturing very soon and many products released over the next year. Things will change very rapidly in terms of customer service, tech support and manufacturing. The Generator power output is up to 40 thousand watts.

June 9th, 2017
Thank you for your patience while waiting for the delivery of your Magravs-Power Plasma Generator.
It has been a longer than expected journey, but we are very close to finalize it. As shown in the latest tests the output of the generators is too high, making it a challenge for our engineers bring it to the limits suitable for home usage.
The new modification is being tested and if the output is optimal we will start the production and shipments.
We will update you at the time we have the final results.
Thank you for being with us on this journey,
Director of Keshe Foundation

This is the OFF-GRID Magravs Plasma Power Generator! Certification by the Ghana Energy Commission is complete.

What we are seeing is astounding! There is no conditioning phase associated with the PPG (Plasma Power Generator). When you begin using it, savings are immediate. One single PPG unit, when used in a home, will feedback enough energy into the grid to supply 20 adjacent homes with energy.

In past Knowledge Seeker's Workshops the system has been shown powering multiple appliances with no support from the main power grid of the house. Details on the basic operation of the Generator can be found on the 118th Knowledge seekers workshop. More information will be provided as soon as it is available via this page.

This product will be shipped within 90 DAYS from the PAYMENT confirmation as soon as it is made available from our factories.

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Forums » Tehnika » Brīvā enerģija / Free energy » Keshe Foundation / MaGrav
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